Quality Policy

  • At Laxachem product quality is the responsibility of all the persons working in manufacturing premises. All activities are carried out by persons having necessary qualification and training. Job responsibilities are allotted to the individuals. Raw Materials and Packaging Materials are released only if it meets quality specifications. All the activities are recorded when they are performed and record is maintained as per cGMP and GLP guidelines. Critical deviations are investigated by Quality Unit and corrective actions are implemented. Environmental Controls and Safety are taken into account at all the stages of manufacturing. Manufacturing Processes are validated before actual use. Measuring and Q.C. Lab equipments are calibrated at regular intervals. Finished products are released by Quality Unit for distribution only if the products meet quality specifications. Complaints received from customer are recorded; analyzed and remedial actions are taken. Efficient product recall system is maintained. Review of quality systems by internal and external experts is carried out at regular intervals. At Laxachem product quality and business efficiency improvement is continuous process.